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Smart home sensor

Smart home sensor

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This item must match the Xiaomi multifunctional GATEWAY to use.
Xiaomi Aqara Smart Windows Door Sensor Detects, opens and closes doors and Windows and sends notifications to your phone through the APP which is capable of pairing with other Xiaomi smart devices such as GATEWAY remote control, Smart Lamp, air CLEANER, etc. This SENSOR can help to create Smart Home Windows. Door sensor consists of SENSOR subject and magnet. It detects opening and closing doors and windows by Sensing The near and separate SENSOR subject and magnet.
Main features:
Original Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door and Windows SENSOR for every day safety
• ZigBee wireless connection
• Trigger and alarm clock: Will and ring when people open the door, the light will turn on automatically when people PUSH the door
• Away from Home mode: If the person is poor, the bell will ring the IP camera (not included) using video
Smart sensor: Open the Let Fresh Air window into the room
• Small size, easy to install
• MAX sensing distance: 22 mm
• Working temperature: -10-50 degrees Celsius
• Working humidity: 0-95pct RH

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